Complications and side effects of injectable fillers

Complications of injectable fillers include swelling, bruising, redness, itching, and mild pain at the injection area on your face that usually resolves within 24 hours. In some rare cases, people will experience skin rashes and bumps or having sensitive skin in the long run. Note that, the extent of these complications is extremely rare and depends on various factors.

Worrisome reasons about injectable fillers

As mentioned earlier, in some rare cases, these injections can be cause for concern and therefore prohibited; specially when people use gels with high durability. One of the issues that worries applicants about permanent gel injections is that the injectable material gets shot under the skin or inside the lips is lumping. In this regard, it should be said that the permanent gel injection which cause such a complication is only in 1% of cases and that’s when people do facial injectable fillers in the hand of an inexperienced or unskilled person.

Injection of temporary or absorbable facial fillers

Temporary filler or gels with limited shelf life are made out of materials such as hyaluronic acid, collagen, calcium hydroxyapatite, polylactic acid, or body fat. Of course, it must be said that fat is also one of the skin fillers; But obviously it is not a gel injection. In fact, fat, like gel, is a type of filler.

Facial collagen injection

Collagen is a kind of protein which is one of the most basic and important structural components of the skin and some other tissues of the body. The presence of collagen in the skin tissue makes the it firm. Also collagen can be found in stronger tissues such as bones or muscles, in which it also gives them strength. In fact, one of the main reasons of skin aging and old age is the decomposition of collagen in skin tissue. By collagen injection, such complications can be prevented.

What are the ingredients of collagen injection fillers?

The collagen used in gel injections is mostly obtained from animal sources (usually cattle) or human cells. Collagen is very safe for skin injections which has few side effects. The main issue with using collagen is its limited shelf life, which usually disappears after 3-4 months. Collagen has the lowest shelf life among filler types. In conclusion, the number of fans who would want collagen injections for skin rejuvenation is slim.

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Pre- gel injection tips

If you decide to have filler injections, you must consider some vital points. The most important one, is choosing the best brand and a professional doctor who specializes in this field and then you should find a suitable clinic for this operation.

Post- gel injection care

maintaining care after the gel injection will help you get the best result from this cosmetic procedure. It is best to avoid alcohol, caffeine, niacin supplements, foods which are high in sodium, sugar or simple carbohydrates, spicy foods and also you should avoid smoking for about 24-48 hours after the procedure. If not, these conditions may increase the swelling and irritation of your facial skin. Keep in mind that you should not use tretinoin or other products which contains similar substance.


Suitable candidate for gel injection

After deciding on the right clinic, you should check whether you are a good candidate for gel injection or not. key factors such as skin condition, age, history of filler or Botox injections, general health, smoking and various medications are some of the factors that can affect the answer to this question whether you are a good candidate for gel injections or not.

Facial gel injections and becoming like a Barbie

Injectable gels are products that contain collagen, hyaluronic acid, or calcium hydroxyapatite, which can help rejuvenate, reduce, or eliminate wrinkles on the skin of the face or body. As we mentioned before, using gel injections can fill in the depressions of scars, volume the lips and even compensate the lost volume of a soft skin tissue.

Facial gel injection

Hyaluronic acid is a natural filler which is found in the human body. Obviously, with the process of aging, the amount of hyaluronic acid in the body decreases and the face loses its volume and many wrinkles appear around the nose and lips.

Also, another sign and effect of aging is that the texture of the lips is weakened and the lips become more narrow and its corners fall down. Therefore, in such cases, the solution is to use hyaluronic acid fillers that are injected under the wrinkles to fill the volume and rejuvenate the appearance of the face. in addition to facial styling and angulation the facial gel injection, is also used to volume the upper lip and complement asymmetrical lips. note that the gel can add complements to cosmetic dentistry by creating a beautiful and young frame around the teeth.

The difference between Botox and gel injections

Botox is a toxin that paralyzes the nerves around the eyes, mouth and in between the eyebrows. Duo to the process of aging and causing wrinkles to deepen, Botox method inactivates the muscles that causes these wrinkles. The wrinkles will also disappear as the injected muscle no longer has any contract to nerves in order to expand. As for the fillers, the skin fillers add volume to the corners of the mouth, lips, forehead, chin and cheeks and after the procedure, the amount of natural hyaluronic acid, which has decreased with age, is restored again. Injectable gels give the skin a full, soft and moist appearance and can also be used with Botox to rejuvenate the face.

In which areas of the face can the gel be injected?

Gel injections can be applied to any area of the face or body, in order to eliminate wrinkles and increase the volume of tissues. These areas include the laugh line/ nasolabial folds, lips, shoulders and etc.

Cheek filler and gel injections

With age process, the body loses some amount of fat under its skin. This process reduces the volume and elasticity of the skin, including the volume of the cheeks and their sagging. Cheek sagging can make the face appear tired. Facial gel injection plays an important role in the natural volume of the cheek and its gentle lift. Note that, young people can also use gel injections to create a more beautiful facial appearance.

Chin gel injection

Chin gel injection has healing properties. In fact, it can be an ideal alternative to chin implants through surgery. Also fillers can help highlight the jaw lines. Of course, chin gel injections are a short-term solution to this issue, but it can be an advisable solution to check the end result of a chin cosmetic procedure before doing it.

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Nasal reshaping with gel injection

The gel can be used to smooth and fill any bumps on the nose. In fact, injecting gel into the nose is one of the ways to reshape the nose without any surgery. The procedure takes less than 15 minutes of time. In this procedure in which a filler is injected into the nose, can correct some defects such as fixing and filling the bumps on the nasal bridge, or to correcting the curvature of the nasal lines and even cartilage abnormalities at the tip of the nose.

Filler and gel injections on the hand

With aging, in addition to the face the signs and symptoms of it are observed on the hands too. One of the solutions to this matter is to use filler and gel injections.

Laughter line/ nasolabial fold gel injection

Duo to aging and doing activities like talking and laughing, over time, some lines are created on the face in the place where people smile, which can be removed by injecting gel in to laughter lines and restore freshness and youth to your face.

Lip gel injection

Gel injection method is used to improve the condition of the lips and create a thicker but natural appearance for them. By aging, the lips become thinner and some vertical lines are formed around them. Thick, prominent lips can create a youthful, lush appearance, while having thin, slender lips will make the face appear old and withered. This is the reason why so many young people want to inject lip gel and have an attractive appearance.

Russian method of lip gel injection

In the Russian method, the filler is injected into the V-shaped area of the mouth. In fact, in this method, increasing the peak point of the lips is to improve the elegance and beauty of the lips. In comparison, this method mostly focuses on the elongation and sharpness of the lip margins than the size of the lips. In the Russian lip gel injection method, small doses of hyaluronic acid filler are injected along the lip line to highlight and lift around the lip area.

In this method, after that the general design of the lips is decided, some filler is injected into the lips to show their full volume. When proceeding this method, the dermatologist should be careful and pay attention to both the upper and lower lips. While the main focus of Russian gel lip injections is on the upper lip, gel injections are sometimes performed on the lower lip to achieve more symmetry and natural appearance for the mouth.

Jaw angle filler injection

Jaw angulation using gel injection is a way to increase facial attractiveness. People who are not satisfied with their face appearances can use this method and with some injections into their jaw areas, they can create an angle in their face and increase their attractiveness.

Temporal filler and gel injection

As the time goes by and with aging, temporal areas become somewhat hollow and their tissues disappear. The dimples of the temples will disappear the youth of the face. As a solution, filler and gel injection into temporal areas can eliminate these depressions and present a younger appearance.

Process of the gel injection and facial filler

Before proceeding with injecting the gel into the face, the area where the gel is to be injected should be cleansed and locally anesthetized. Many gels contain lidocaine, which is a mild anesthetic and used to reduce discomfort and pain during and after the injection process. After this step, based on the problem of the desired area and the decided plan, the specialist injects an exact amount of gel under the skin. Depending on the gel and the area being treated, the results of the gel injection are evident immediately after. Some people may have slight swelling and bruising after the procedure which is temporary and goes away after a few days.

Recovery after the gel injection

Most of the patients can return to their daily activities immediately after the procedure. But in some cases the doctor may recommend to take a day off and do not do strenuous activities such as exercising.

Finding the best doctor to do the treatment

When it comes to finding the best doctor for gel injections, you should be careful and cautious just as you must be for a surgery. Non-surgical gel treatment is still a medical procedure that needs especial skills. This treatment requires training and knowledge in order to achieve the desired results. That is why you should choose a specialist and a doctor who is fully aware of the anatomy and has the right aesthetics, skills and precision of a surgeon.

In relation to the doctor of your choice, make sure that they have sufficient training and experience in lip and facial gel injections in cosmetic medicine. Remember to request before and after photos. Also, if an assistant doctor does this for you, it should be under the full supervision of a dermatologist.