Botox injections are one of the most popular methods to get youthful and beautiful, which is a less expensive way in comparison to many other surgeries. Botox injection is a safe method and it can be done quickly and easily by a specialist. An important factor in Botox injections is the naturalness in result. Botox injections should not leave any marks, spots and bruises on the skin. it shouldn’t change the state of the eyebrows or have such an effect to the facial skin in a way that would cause an emotionless face expressions during feelings of happiness. also it should not make the patients face to have a sad or angry facial expression all the time.

The suitable points and spots for Botox injection

The most suitable Botox injection point and spots in which the injection can eliminate facial wrinkles include the following:

  • Forehead wrinkle lines
  • The frown line between
  • the eyebrows
  • Wrinkles on the neck
  • Wrinkles around the nose and chin
  • Crow paw wrinkles around the eyes
  • Wrinkles around the lips caused by smoking


How does Botox work?

Botox injections block the nerve signals that are sent to the facial muscles. The muscle in which the Botox is injected can no longer get any contract signal which is received from the nerve to the muscle, and in this way the wrinkles will relax and result in rejuvenation of the face. In this method the Botulinum toxin with paralysis of the subcutaneous muscles is used to smooth out the facial wrinkles and make people look younger.

Therapeutic cases of Botox injections

  1. In treating migraines and migraine headaches
  2. In treating muscle stiffness and spasms due to the cerebral palsy or Parkinson’s disease
  3. In treating bruxism by reducing the volume of muscles responsible for chewing
  4. Relieve muscle stiffness and spasm after a stroke
  5. In treating lower esophageal sphincter relaxation (achalasia)
  6. In treating excessive sweating in the palms of the hands, feet and underarms (hyperhidrosis)
  7. In treating sagging skin in the vagina
  8. In treating frequent urination and enlarged prostate
  9. Prevention of capsule contraction in people with breast prosthesis
  10. In treating the neck muscle spasms
  11. In treating low back pain and lumbar disc
  12. In treating the neck tilt by relieving neck muscle contractions (torticollis)
  13. In treating excessive blinking nerve tics (blephaospasm)
  14. In treating eye muscle disorders such as laziness and larynx
  15. In treating prominent scars and the formation of extra flesh
  16. In treating muscle wasting or muscle tightening in the leg

Shelf life or long lasting of Botox injections

The lasting effect of Botox injections can be various in different brands, but usually the effect of any Botox injection can last from 4 -7 months. If the injection is given at regular intervals, you will not suffer from any side effects.

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Necessary measures in increasing the lasting effect of Botox injections

Although Botox injections are known as a non-permanent and temporary method, they can be extended with measures. These measures included:

  1. Lack of any anxiety or stress

One of the most effective factors in the persistence of Botox injections, is the effect of stress and mental strain. If you are not mentally relaxed, even after the Botox injections, contract your facial muscles regularly to relieve these tensions, although it is not possible to contract the muscles, but the durability of Botox will be reduced.

  1. A dermatologist who specializes in Botox injections

due to uncommon side effects and reduced effect of Botox due to incorrect injection technique, we strongly recommend you to avoid Botox injections in a hair salon or any other non-medical centers.

Medical advice for durability and lasting effect of Botox injections

  1. Smoking

as smoking cigarettes has negative effects on many body organs, it will also have bad effects on the facial skin. The use of these substances can also reduce the shelf life and lasting effects of Botox and gel injections.

  1. Sun light protection

Much has been said about the harmful effects of sunlight on the skin. In conclusion the exposure to sunlight, without sunscreen or proper coverage (glasses and brimmed hats) also plays an important role in reducing the effect of Botox.

  1. Timely up-keep of the Botox injections

Visit your doctor to extend your Botox injection as scheduled; Because repeated Botox injections can reduce muscle strength over time and also can cause maintaining the effect of Botox for a longer period of time. Therefor you need to have a long-term plan to keep your Botox longer. If the treatment intervals are short, it causes the muscles do not respond to Botox very well; also, if the injection intervals are long, the wrinkles will reappear between your sessions.



Botox Dysport

One of the famous kinds of Botox brands made in England is Botox Dysport. Botox Dysport is approved by the Ministry of Health in Iran, Dysport is used to eliminate facial wrinkles and fine lines. Botox Dysport works by immobilizing the muscles in the area of wrinkles.

The difference between Botox and Dysport/ (Botox vs Dysport)

Dysport is very similar to Botox and, like other Botox brands, it is made out of botulinum toxin. But there is a fundamental difference between Botox and Dysport. Dysport is essentially a neurotoxin that has been surrounded by protein molecules which works by blocking any contact or messages from the brain to that specific area, therefore the Injection of Dysport can reduce wrinkles and lines on that spot.

In other words, the difference between the two is related to the amount of non-toxic proteins that surround the active molecule. Because fewer proteins surround the active molecule in Dysport, the result of Dysport injections are faster. Also, because the molecules are smaller, the difference between the treated area and other areas will be very subtle. Thus, in comparison to Botox the result of Dysport injection is more natural.

Another major difference between other Botox and Botox Dysport brand is the difference in injection depth of these substances. Dysport injection is deeper than Botox injection which causes the Dysport to spread more under the skin. In general, it can be safely claimed that Dysport is the best brand of Botox in Iran for eliminating wrinkles on the forehead and face, in order to have a soft face with uniform skin.

Botox Masport

Masport is a product that is produced and used in Iran. Like most Botox treatments, Masport can be used to temporarily treat moderate or severe frown lines between the eyebrows. The Masport should be kept at a temperature between 2-8 degrees. The active ingredients of this drug includes purified toxin, Clostridium botulinum type A, complex with hemagglutinin.

Detecting genuine Botox from the fake Botox’s

A simple way to distinguish genuine Botox from its replica, is that the genuine Botox is imported into Iran through legal channels specified by the Ministry of Health. Therefore, its sale in pharmacies must be unimpeded. But as for the fake Botox’s, they are smuggled in the country and they haven’t been approved by any organization.

Another way is about price and you should doubt it! Simply, when a product is surprisingly cheaper than usual, one has to doubt its authenticity.

Another option you should check is whether the clinic you went to for your Botox injections is valid or not. If previous clients are dissatisfied with the results, it is possible that this dissatisfaction originated in the fact that Botox was not genuine.

Side effects to injection of fake Botox

Another option you should check is whether the clinic you went to for your Botox injections is valid or not. If previous clients are dissatisfied with the results, it is possible that this dissatisfaction originated in the fact that Botox was not genuine.

It is important to know the side effects of injecting fake Botox which are not approved by the FDA. The non-approval of Botox by the FDA means that the product has not performed acceptably under the necessary tests which can ensure the safety of treatment with the product.

Fake Botox injections have many side effects including permanent nerve damage, partial facial paralysis, infection or even excessive swelling and redness at the injection area. Some other side effects that the counterfeit drug or doctor’s incompetence increases the likelihood of are: allergic reactions, aberrations and diplopia, drooping eyelids, drooping eyebrows, evil eyebrows and….

Pre-Botox injection care

  1. It is advised not to drink alcohol or smoking for at least a week before your Botox injection. The ingredients in these products can have negative effects on your recovery process and increase the swelling or bruising caused by the injections.
  2. You should reduce the use of medications like aspirin for a weeks or two before the Botox injections. These medications are known to be blood thinners which means they can increase the amount of bleeding during or after the Botox injection procedure.
  3. Also, it is better to take anti-inflammatory drugs before the cosmetic procedure. they can limit and reduce the bruising caused by the injection and the time required to get rid of it. (Remember that the reduction of drug use must be done according to the doctor’s recommendation)
  4. Avoid taking blood-thinners and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin and ibuprofen for about 7- 10 days before the procedure. If you can’t stop taking these drugs, be sure to consult your doctor and pass his opinions to your therapist at the clinic.
  5. Do not consume food or alcoholic beverages for at least 24 hours before Botox injection. Alcohol interferes with the healing process of bruises or post-injection deaths by disrupting the circulatory process.
  6. Do not wax your facial hair for at least a week before the Botox injections. Also you must avoid shaving and curling them too; the use of shaving creams and skin bleaching is also prohibited.
  7. If you have sunburns, it is best to treat them first and then proceed with the Botox injections.
  8. If you are sensitive to pain and you think the injection process may bother you, with your doctor’s permission, take an acetaminophen pill before your injection session.
  9. Be sure to tell your doctor if you have certain diseases, especially blood clotting problems or a history of allergies to botulism.
  10. Tell your doctor at counseling sessions if you have a history of herpes.
  11. If your doctor prescribes medication during counseling sessions, be sure to take it on time and in full so that you do not have any problems after the injection.

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Post-Botox injection care

Post-Botox injection care can be divided into two different categories. The first category is a list of the things that you need to do after the injection to eliminate the side effects of Botox and stabilize the results. The second category is related to the things that are forbidden and prohibited to do for a few days after Botox injection, and if you do not pay attention to them, the person may face serious problems. In this article, we have name and discussed these cares in two separate sections so that you can go through the first days after the injection without any problems and finally achieve lasting and attractive results.

Here are some of the things that you can do to help and ease the effects of your injections:

  • Please do not be exposed to the direct sunlight or heat for the first few hours after your injection. After that, when you want to leave the house, be sure to use sunscreen with the SPF 30 or higher.
  • There is nothing wrong with doing normal activities after the Botox injection, and you can even go to work immediately after the injection sessions.
  • 4 hours after the injection, light exercise such as walking or jogging is permitted.
  • There is no problem in applying makeup or using different cosmetics immediately after the injections.
  • The actual results of Botox injections are shown within 14 days after the procedure. Of course, you can feel the effect of Botox immediately after the operation and up to 4 or 5 days after that. Remember that for the muscles to be in place and you can move them more easily and have a more beautiful face, you have to be a little patient.
  • You can use an ice pack to remove the swelling and bruising at the injection site and area.
  • After 4 hours of injection, you can sleep in an open position without putting pressure on your face.

Importance of post-care to Botox injection

As soon as you see your doctor and do the main consultation, the most important stage is pre- and post-injection cares. As important as the injection procedure is, the post-Botox care will be just as important. It is important to pay attention to these points from several perspectives:

Achieve the best results from Botox injections

Avoid injection side effects

Maintain body health

Reduce recovery time

Increase the lasting effect of Botox injections

Does Botox injection hurt?

Botox not a surgical procedure but just an injection. The area to be injected is completely anesthetized with a local anesthetic cream, and after cleansing the area, the injection is given intramuscularly in small doses with fine and tiny needles. The whole session usually lasts in 15 minutes and with not a single bit of pain.

People who should not inject Botox

Botox is technically usable for anyone. But Botox injections are not recommended for people with muscle problems and pregnant or breastfeeding women. Even if the injection is done by the best doctor, it can cause problems. The most common side effects for this group of people are redness and headache. Women who are pregnant and breastfeeding should not use Botox at all because this toxin can be transmitted to the fetus and child through blood and milk.

Botox injection of frown line/ (between the eyebrows)

The deep vertical line that forms between the eyebrows is called the frown line because it gets deeper when you frown. If you want to get rid of them, the best way to treat it is by injecting Botox between your eyebrows. When Botox is injected into the desired area, the muscle is relaxed and pulled upwards, thus wrinkles and lines will be removed. Using Botox can prevent the appearance of lines on the forehead or reduce and treat them.

How many types of frown lines are there?

There are two types of frown lines:

  1. Fixed: Fixed type which can also be seen even in relaxation mode. This line is not eliminated just by the Botox injection and it requires gel injection to.
  2. Motioned: It means that these lines cannot be seen in relaxation mode of the face, which means that this type is completely eliminated by injecting Botox, that can prevent frowning.

Process of Botox injection of frown line

First, the patient is rested on a special bed which has a back half-sitting. Then, the area to be injected with Botox is cleaned and sanitized. After that, with the help of special skin pen, the areas where the injection is to be performed are marked. The exact spot of Botox injections varies from person to person and it depends on the function of the muscle when creating frown lines.

Botox injections procedures that treat horizontal forehead lines are usually accompanied by Botox injections to raise the eyebrows. Because if Botox is injected only to the forehead muscles, it will cause heaviness or even drooping of the eyebrows. After determining the exact injection spot, Botox is injected into the muscle. This process will take about one or two minutes. After the injection, a small amount of pressure is applied to the patient’s muscle to prevent it from becoming bruised, and finally all the markings are removed from the skin.

Botox injection in the palm of the hand

Body sweating, especially palm and foot sweating, is called hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating. Hyperhidrosis can have many side effects, like anxiety and high stress, increased skin infections, increased complication of eczema dermatitis and increased muscle cramps. There are many different method and treatments for this condition, including Botox injections.

Nowadays, this method is famous and common to people all over the world, so that most people who can have this option available, will most likely use and do it. In today’s world, the Botox injection is one of the methods used to prevent sweating in different parts of the body and afterward, it will have great benefits for people. One of the advantages of this method is its high lasting effect.

Process of Botox injection of the palm of the hands

In this procedure, the doctor first anesthetize and numbs the treated area so that the patient does not suffer or feel savvier pain during the injection. Then, he divides the area based on the sweat glands and by using fine and tiny needles, begins the Botox injection process. After the palm injections, hand perspiration is reduced for about one year. Note that to increase the lasting effect of Botox final results, you should renew the injection process from time to time.

What are the do’s and don’ts after the Botox injections?

Do not lie down for about 3 hours after your Botox injections. Do not attend to any sauna, jacuzzi or tanning room for at least 4 hours after the procedure. This helps prevent bruising, as the heat can raise your blood pressure. Otherwise, you can resume your normal activities immediately after the Botox injection.

When can you take a shower after Botox injections?

The risk of bruising after Botox increases when your body or face gets too hot. In addition to avoiding Jacuzzis, saunas and other similar places, you should not take a hot bath or shower for at least 24 hours after your treatment.