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Awesome Services

Use of modernistic equipment in the field of beauty

We are proud to use the most modern equipment and the latest medical methods in Dr. Mostafa Mahdavi Nia’s specialized skin and hair center in order to provide care and service to our esteemed clients. For proper use of this equipment and making sure that you get the best results from our services, we use experts in this field.

Precautions that needs to be taken after Botox injection!  Recommendations from Dr. Mahdavi Nia

High quality service for the beautiful seekers

The average score of clients for the Dr. Mostafa Mahdavi Nia Dermatology and Hair Center:

Up-to-date beauty equipment
Expertise of technicians
Appealing and relaxing environment
Staff encounter and service

Why Us?

Distinctive in delivering service and care

We were very strict with ourselves in order to provide different and distinctive services. We have provided our clients with a modern and relaxing environment that is less common in the country. We have tried to provide best care possible in competition with the best beauty centers all over the world. We have reviewed your needs for many times so that we can provide all the things you need before your presence.

Precautions that needs to be taken after filler and gel injections! Recommendations from Dr. Mahdavi Nia

Professional Advice

For better results, you can consult a specialist before receiving services

Specialist Doctor

To maintain your health, all clinic services are carried out with the advice of a specialist doctor

Calm Environment

Calm and orderly environment in the delivery of services is very important for clinic managers

Highest quality service for beauty seekers

Average score of clients of Dr. Mustafa Mahdavi Nia Dermatology and Hair Center

    • Cleanliness95%
    • Comforts90%
    • Staff behavior85%
    • Facilities90%


    I like to help everyone to discover their beauty. Sometimes a simple and small change can reveal your hidden beauty. Take care of your beauty, we will be with you on this journey.


    Years experience

    Man has always loved beauty and strived to find a way to become more beautiful. It must be said that the term of beauty among people is a relative concept and we know no absolute beauty, except our Creator. 

    How to more beautiful?

    To become more beautiful, firstly we must look within ourselves and try to discover it in ourselves. There is beauty in all of us that it may not have been discovered. 


    • Hello Doctor Mustafa. It is your risk to your normal job and you are very experienced in the field of cosmetology. Every time I come to you for a Botox injection, and every time I see you, I am satisfied with your center.
    • Hello. That I had a problem with your jaw I checked d. Mustafa examined me completely, and then decided to solve my problem by injecting the filler. Whoever finished his job, the result will be confused
    • Hello, it is the filler to inflate the lip at Dr. Mahdavi Nia. The doctor did everything special and accurate, and that I was satisfied with the blowing of my lips, and frankly, I liked the doctor’s job.

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